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Thread: First time out with the Savage 110 in a long time.

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    First time out with the Savage 110 in a long time.

    I went out to the range this weekend and finally moved my Leupold MK4 ER/T scope from my precision M14 to my Savage 110 flat-back long action in 308 bedded into a McMillan HTG stock.

    Here I am with my son. My two other friends had precision Remington 700's in 308. One is a GA precision and the other is a Remington 700 M40A1 clone. At the end of the day we were all shooting about the same with our handloads.

    After getting my scope dialed in with ball ammo, I moved on to some small dots at 100 yards and ran one three round group with some 168 grain handloads and made some scope adjustments.
    The three shot group was 0.567"

    I then ran a 5-shot group and it measured 0.945"

    My son had a leftover Florida state school project from last school year and we set it out at 100 yards and picked things off it to shoot. I decided to see if I could get a head shot on Juan Ponce DeLeon. I shot his hat off twice and put one through the CNS.

    After that, I went gator hunting and grazed the head once and put one through the eyeball. I was aiming for the eyeball both times.

    This is probably the most time I've spent with this rifle. My 10 year-old son used it to shoot the steel 12" gong out at 200 yards with ease.

    I bedded this 2 years ago. I may have to revisit it and also try some 175 grain loads to see if I can tighten the groups up. For now it's at least sub-MOA.


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    Some high quality father/son time! Your son will cherish that for the rest of his born days! (and so will you!)

    The shooting is high quality as well!

    From what I can see if it were my project I would not switch bullets right away but instead try changing smaller things. Charge weight, different primer or even adjust bullet seating before swapping bullets.


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    Looks like fun. Nice groups!

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