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Thread: Oryx vs HS3

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    Oryx vs HS3

    So I have purchased a couple new Savages that need new furniture. I'm at a toss up between the Oryx and HS3. I already have a 3 HS3's on other savages of mine. The Oryx is cheaper made from what I've read, but there is the added expense of a stock for the HS3. Which would you choose? Also, I have a few Boyd's stocks that I would like to have inletted for bottom metal. I know Jeff at CDI passed away. Is there anybody else inletting stocks for a reasonable price?

    representative pics.


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    I have 2 Oryx chassis and love them. They may be simple, but they get the job done. Hella strong and built like a tank. Also look at the KRG Bravo if you want a more traditional looking stock.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm a long time fan of the HS3, and have built a couple on that platform. I still
    use them and mix and match butt stocks as the need arises. However with the
    arrival of the Oryx, MDT discontinued the HS3. It's a shame that they did that.
    The Oryx is a good piece of kit. I plan on owning one in the near future. The one
    I got to play with up close felt solid
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    I ended up ordering an Oryx. I need two but figured I’d get one and try it out first.

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