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Thread: Playing with McGowen barreled Strikers @1k

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    Playing with McGowen barreled Strikers @1k

    Last fall for the 1st Time Ever I got try shootIng at 1k went 9 for 10 on 20x20 and 1 for 1 on 15 x15 plate
    using a 6 BrX Striker, Dec I shot E Targets at 1K with the 6BrX Striker and my 6.5 x 284 Striker this “284” barrel has over 1500 rounds on it and was still grouping pretty good at 1K. Couple weeks ago I shot 4 target 5 shots each match at 1k with the 6 BrX striker which has 2200 rounds on it was able to Hold a 1.07 MOA Avg. for the 20 shot 4target match
    both of these Striker’s have 16”McGowen prefit barrels, Both are close to the end of their life Cycle And I plan replace both with McGowen prefits unless someone can change my mind

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    Your doing better than me. Itís tough to find 1000k unless your on private land around here.
    Good shooting mate

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