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Thread: Savage .308 scout range report

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    Savage .308 scout range report

    I recently purchased an “aim sport” 2x7x42 long eye relief scope for my scout rifle.
    Today was my first chance to see what my rifle /scope combo could do at 100 meters.
    I shot from my trucks tailgate off a bipod and a beanbag under the toe of the butt.
    I tested the rifle with hornady 165 gn SST with IMR 4895 43 gns and a rem 9 1/2 primer.
    A five round group at 100 meters measured at just under 1-1/4”
    I also tested hornady 150 FMJBT 43 gns IMR 4895 with a group size of 1-1/2” five rounds.
    I’ll have no issues putting a deer down out to 300 meters with this rifle.

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    Very good, and ill bet that if not for one or two shots the group would have been even better.
    You could no doubt kill a deer even further than 300 meters with that setup.
    But just remember how you went about doing it.
    Take your tailgate along with you when you hunt. lol
    Or better yet create things out there to take its place.
    A board nailed on a stump for example.
    You can even create stumps in the best spots.
    Its about getting all we can from what we have to work with.
    How many archery hunters have you encountered stomping around the woods with a bow hanging from their shoulder?

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