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Thread: Indiana State Shooting Ranges Open Again

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    Indiana State Shooting Ranges Open Again

    Indiana re-opened most of its State Fish and Wildlife property shooting ranges this week so I ventured out this morning. It was my first time out since February. The range that I went to today is a large complex with uncovered, weathered wooden benches. I figured it would be business as usual but was surprised at what I found when I arrived. They have covered all of the benches and seating with a white thick composite material that is smooth and waterproof. They have provided disinfectant spray and paper towels and ask that shooters clean their bench before leaving the range. They also asked that shooters remove their targets and either take with them or put them in the trash before leaving. They also marked the pavement outside the check in booths to provide easy reminders for social distancing.

    It was good to be shooting again. The range was fairly busy and everyone seemed to be complying with the new procedures. While some may not like the new rules, I was pleased to see that they are making an effort to keep shooters safe. I only hope that this does not become a permanent thing.

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    In Southern Arizona we have Private Club , State Fish and Game, and County owned shooting ranges. Pima County Which is Tucson and a liberal government. Closed their County owned ranges and they are still closed.
    Private Club and State Fish and Game owned ranges were never closed. Rest of state is not Liberal controlled.

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