Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in my most recent transaction with Glades Armory. So I had made an order for a bolt handle from them previously and was very happy with the product. Fit and finish we’re good and it fit my rifle just like it should.

So I decided I would upgrade the handle and knob on another rifle I have. Placed my order, ships out the next day, and I receive it in four days from time of order. I opened my package and was excited to get it installed, but noticed it didn’t look like my factory knob. So I went ahead and tried to install but of course it catches on the safety.

So I immediately got mail them letting them know I obviously was sent the wrong item. I received a prompt response asking if I could snap some pics. I responded with pictures of the bolt I received next to my factory bolt for reference. They again, responded quite promptly to my email, but only to inform me that the knob in the picture was “certainly not something they sent” and “it shows years of use”. As you can imagine, I was immediately pissed that they would have the audacity to immediately accuse a repeat customer of trying to defraud them. After I calmed down, I politely emailed them back to let them know that it most certainly is the item they sent and is brand new. I also pointed out that if the check the tracking number to see when the package arrived, to the time I sent the initial email, they would see that I literally had the item for 20 minutes.

So after I sent that email, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what rifle, the knob I received, was even for. After poking around on their site, it was for an axis. I emailed them letting them know that as well. He responded with a shipping label to mail it back so they could “inspect it”. And after their inspections they would refund my money or send me the correct item. I reiterated that I simply wanted the proper item that I ordered.

All in all, they do have good products, but just be aware that, should a problem arise, customer service may be hit or miss. Still a little sour about how it was handled.

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