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Thread: Nice Hair Cut!

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    Nice Hair Cut!

    Establishing social distance, I talked to a guy who knows a guy who heard it second hand.....

    A 60 year old called a high school classmate with an anecdote that happened this week. The caller has a buddy whose succeed with several medicinal cannabis dispensaries and provided a free sample. So the guyís been staring at the sample thinking I havenít gotten high in forty years. What the hell, fire it up.

    Then looking in the mirror he realizes he needs a hair cut and makes a satisfactory first pass with household scissors. The second pass goes astray. So he switches to finger nail type scissors making it a complete hack job. Now heís all in then reaches for the razor and shaving cream. Four hours later heís done. Stoned for the first time in forty years and newly bald.

    Guess itís true Covid causes all sorts of domestic pathologies.

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