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Thread: 2019 Savage Axis rebate ?

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    2019 Savage Axis rebate ?

    has anyone got a 2019 Savage Axis rebate ?
    I sent in the paperwork still haven't receive the rebate
    just wondering if any one else had
    If your lucky enough to live in the BIG woods your lucky enough

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    I’m waiting on one also for my “Black Friday” Axis 6.5 Creedmoor.

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    I think, we should start to get used to hearing, "delayment, due to covid 19" for things like that.

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    Did you apply on-line or snail mail?

    The 24th of March 2020, I applied on-line for the $50 rebate on a B22, April 4th, got an email saying it's approved and should be here in about 8 weeks. Was the same sorta response last year with the CCI ammo rebates, applied on-line, waited a couple weeks for email notice of approval & 8-12 weeks to get cheques via snail mail.

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