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Thread: 110l year of manufacture

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    110l year of manufacture

    Hi I am new to the forum site so please forgive me if I am asking a question I should know the answer to. I have just purchased a Savage 110L in 243 it is in remarkably good condition and I just need to know if I can date the year of manufacture by the serial number. Serial number is 29907.

    By looking at the rifle I would suggest it would not have had more than a maybe a dozen so rounds through it. Though it is not in mint condition it better than very good. Is this rifle worth keeping and re- barreling or would I be better to pass it on to someone who would value it as collecting piece?

    Thanks Wahbi

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    Until 1969, year of manufacture was in a letter stamp enclosed with two numbers. An example (10S) made in 1965. this should be stamped on bottom of barrel and is sometimes hard to read.
    If it's pre 1966 it will have a completely different bolt head and a coned barrel. Aftermarket support and parts for the older rifles is pretty much non-existent. Being in VG condition, hold on to it and use it. Ball park value is between $250 - $300 USD. It can be converted to use current barrels, barrel nut but it would cost far more than the rifle is worth to do it.
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    5 digit serial is very likely pre-66, as GaCop indicates, letter code in barrel stamp will decode actual year of manufacture.

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