First things first. I wont lie this is my first real AR platform and i expect to make some mistakes and or not have all of the information that i need.

The issue itself is pretty strait forward. I'd say 70% of the time the first round out of every magazine doesn't properly feed, with a 4-5% of the same issue happening on following rounds. The First time i took it to the range it happened nearly every round. I was using some cheap Herters soft points and thought that might be the issue. I had some PMC bronze on order and figured better ammo should solve the issue. This was not the case. I spend a good portion of a Saturday manually cycling rounds though the camber one at a time. This accomplished a little bit and the issue seemed to get better. Next time i went to the range still had failures on the first round with each mag, but the follow up issues didn't continue. I thought the problem would solve itself as perhaps it was just a break in period issue. However my last time at the range the issues persisted and again i had rounds failing to chamber correctly half way through magazines, as well as several issues with the mags locking into place (hasn't been repeated). Following that disaster i took a part and cleaned/oiled the rifle (i also did this after the first round at the range) and manually cycled more rounds though. The issus persisted for 3 magazine changes but then seemed to go away. I am going to the range again this sunday and will follow up, however what do you guys thing the issue might be? Pic bellow of issue.