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Thread: Never too old......?

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    Never too old......?

    A man about 80 years old goes for his yearly physical. The Dr. asked him if he was doing all right and the man replied " I'm great, as a matter of fact did you see that young woman who came into your office with me? " The Dr said " Well yes,I did notice her. She is Very pretty." The old man snapped " Well that's my wife and as a matter of fact, that baby she was holding is MY I'm thinking I'm doing pretty good."

    The Dr. said " I see...( as he continued the examination and read all the test results) The Dr continued..." I have a friend your age and the other day he went bear hunting. He mistakenly picked up an umbrella instead of his rifle. He was walking though the woods when a HUGE bear stood up in front of him. My friend pointed his umbrella at the bear, yelled BANG and the bear fell over dead."

    The old man on the examination table snapped " That's a bunch of BS...someone else shot that bear"

    The Dr. looked at the old man in silence for a moment and said " That's what I'm trying to tell you about the baby."

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    Sounds like the old man lost his bragging rights!


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