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Thread: Bedding an Axis to Boyd's stock

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    Bedding an Axis to Boyd's stock

    Does anyone have any pictures and advice on bedding an Axis to the Boyd's stocks? I'm a little confused on bedding around the different recoil lug and how to bed rear with the trigger group. Any advice will be appreciated.

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    These are the videos I used when I did my build on my Axis.

    The Axis is a PITA to build from.

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    I did a bedding job on an Axis in an MDT LSS chassis. Initially I wanted to do a full bedding job but looking at the surfaces to be bed and the aluminum of the chassis, I decided to just bed the front because I still have a nice V-block contact at the back.

    In a wood stock, it might make sense to install pillars front and rear but only bed the front of the receiver. It would certainly be easier and less messy to do that.

    One more thing, mine has the receiver cut and a 110 style recoil lug. I wouldn't know where to start if I kept the factory Axis recoil lug setup.

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    As I understand the Boyd stock has a steal rod in it mean the front action screw. So the story I got from them is you may be able to pillar bed it and you may not. As the clearance to get the pillar past is very small.

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    My Pro Vamint stock had no obstructions for pillar bedding. Just have to deal with the front magazine catch. Epoxy the front mag catch in place first, then drill out for the pillars. Then I would do as stated above and just bed the front part.

    PS that recoil lug is an issue. I used some std epoxy to glue it into the action before bedding. Better is to convert to a 110 style. Yes, I will have to apply heat to get it out when it comes time for a new barrel.

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    I picked up pillars and metal magazine clip from this guy for my Axis build.

    Savage Axis 25-06Rem, Boyds Stock, 4-12*50 Vortex

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