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Thread: 350 Legend magazines for new build

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    350 Legend magazines for new build

    I recently bought a 12FV from Cabelas for a donor action (i.e. top bolt release, centerfeed, blind mag, accutrigger). I want to build a rifle in 350 Legend and it appears that Savage does not offer a blind magazine version in this caliber. My question is does anyone know for sure if the 223 mag will feed the 350 Legend. Alternatively, if you know of a good bottom metal/mag system that is known to feed the 350 Legend, I could go that route too. I recently upgraded to AICS mags for my 308 using Accurate-Mag bottom metal, but it does not appear they have a 223/350 Legend option. Seems that in the AR you need a different mag for the 223 versus the 5.56/223.

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    I've been playing with very same rifle waiting for a barrel.... don't see any problem with the blind mag....I did do a 300 BO that gave me fits ejecting until putting a SSS plunger/spring...

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    Update. I called Savage and the rep told me the DBM was the same as the 223. That didn't seem right, so I called back and got a different rep. He told me that they had not released the SKU for the DBM for the 350 Legend yet, but he was able to sell me one. I will remove the plastic base plate and put the housing, follower and spring into a blind mag stock from Boyds.

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    Savage is indeed using the .223 Rem mag box for the .350 Legend. Suffice to say feeding left a lot to be desired on the 110 Hog Hunter I got in for review. The difference in case diameter makes it very difficult to load rounds into the mag, and the top round sits lower which often resulted in a fresh round not being chambered when cycling the bolt.
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