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Thread: Savage M10PC accuracy fault found

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    Savage M10PC accuracy fault found

    I have been getting rid of some guns that I don't figure I will be shooting any more. My M10PC in .223 never shot well. The sweet load just didn't seem to be there. Several times I have thought of using it as a donor, but .223 short action just didn't lend itself to my builds. It's been a long time since I took this slug to the range so I cleaned it and checked my logs to find a good load. None that I had on file showed much promise. Most were over 1 MOA and some were all over the target. Googling turned up 2 remedies that I hadn't seen before. The first was a long front sling swivel screw long enough to touch the barrel. The second was the accu- wedge stressing the action. When I checked mine, there was a small but deep scratch where the screw hits the barrel. It was either not quite touching the barrel and hitting it from recoil or the barrel distorted a little when it heats. I checked the free float with a dollar when it was newer, but it could have changed closer to the screw over time. The screw was easy to shorten in place with a Dremel tool. Range testing will see if this helps. I will wait to check the wedge. You can find most anything on the WWW. I might keep the 10PC after all. This may apply to any accu-stock since the screw is tapped into the front stiffener.

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    Th "Accuwedge" was dropped by Savage after a few years due to it causing accuracy issues if I recall correctly. Remove it completely and see if that helps.
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    Robinhood is dead on, remove the wedge and see what you've got.
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