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Thread: New Affiliate Ads

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    New Affiliate Ads

    Just so you all know the skinny....

    You might have noticed some new ads on the right side of the forum homepage - one for Savage rifles through Brownell's, and another for MDT chassis' direct from MDT. These are both affiliate ads in which the site will earn a small commission on any sale made by clicking them and placing an order. While the ads are product specific, the commission is not so any item you order from either site after clicking on the link will get us a commission on that purchase no matter the product(s) you purchase.

    Since Google Ads no longer allow us to run their ads on our firearm related site and our other advertising partner hasn't been panning out the last year or two we have had to resort to these types of affiliate ads to try to generate some kind of ad revenue. These ads pay nothing if nobody clicks on them and places an order within a given time frame (usually 14 days - tracked with a cookie file that expires after the specified amount of time).

    We used to make $300-400/month just from Google, now it takes 3 months or more just to make $50 through them because of the ad embargo. This lost revenue over the last couple of years is a major reason why we haven't been able to bring you more how-to's, product reviews or project builds in recent years. That kind of content costs money, and it's money we just haven't had to work with. Being a niche` site as we are, we really don't appeal to the larger manufacturers and retailers unless they offer a great number of products specifically for Savage rifles - and even then the interest is small because they can get more bang for their advertising dollars from sites that have a broader range of content that attracts a more diverse demographic.

    So, if you're in the market for something and you plan to order online, do us the courtesy of checking to see if it's available through one of our affiliates. In most cases our commission is 10% at best, but every little bit counts.

    Here's a full list of links to our current affiliate partners through Avantlink that you can use to access their sites:

    Aero Precision USA

    AR500 Armor

    ATN Night Vision & Thermal Imaging


    Buck Knives


    Caldwell Shooting

    Creedmoor Sports

    Crimson Trace

    Crossbreed Holsters

    Euro Optic

    Frankford Arsenal

    Kuiu Hunting Gear

    MDT Tactical

    Natchez Shooters Supply

    Palmetto State Armory

    SecureIT Gun Storage Systems

    Shoot Steel Targets

    Sportsman's Guide

    Sportsman's Warehouse

    Wheeler Tools

    Witt Machine
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    Jim, thanks for putting the names out there for those that support the site. I'll have to try to remember to link through them to make purchases.
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