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Thread: Model 10 FCP HS Precision .308 - first impressions

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    Model 10 FCP HS Precision .308 - first impressions

    I just received my Model 10 FCP HS Precision .308, and wanted to post a few initial observations for anyone considering one. It was on sale at EuroOptic for $799. I'd been looking around and doing some research for a while, and the FCP HS Precision seemed like the right choice for me. Most were selling for $1000 to $1100 +, so when I found it for $800 I though it was a good time to pull the trigger.

    I purchased this realizing that many rip on Savage due to the bolt effort, which seems like a non-issue unless you are competing or in a hurry. I've added the longer "Tactical" bolt handle, which I happen to find on sale at Midway for $25. Not sure why it doesn't come standard on this rifle. It helps. While I had the bolt apart to replace the handle I looked it over and found some burrs/gouges on the firing pin assy and the inside of the cocking sleeve which I smoothed out. With some lube it's getting better - but it's definitely no Tikka.

    The Savage is more like a pick-up truck than a sports sedan. I considered the Tikka T3x CTR but didn't care for the stock. The Tikka was $100 more, but really needed a stock upgrade ($400 to $500) to be competitive with the Savage. Most other Tikkas have a "lite" barrel that tended to shift as they heat up.

    The overall finish on the metal and stock are OK - I'd say a 7 out of 10. The finish on the barrel is satin with a slight texture. The stock (HS Precision) is flat black with a fair amount of texture. It's not going to win any beauty contests.

    I bought this model specifically for the heavy barrel and the target-style stock. Most of my shooting will be prone or off the bench at 100, 300, or 600 yards. I'm more concerned about accuracy and function than aesthetics with this rifle.

    I installed a SWFA 12x42 MIL scope on a Leupond 1-piece base with SWFA Tactical rings. The SWFA scopes were initially designed for the military, are made in Japan, and have a good rep with long distance shooters. They have a ton of adjustment and track accurately the entire way . SWFA sells them direct for $300. Basic, but adequate for up to 1000 yards from most accounts. Also have a Matthews Cheek Riser otw.

    I'm hoping to get out with it shortly to do a brief break-in and get it zero'd. It should do well with Federal GMM 168s way past where I will be shooting it. Eventually I'll reload, but for now am using mostly PPU ammo until I feel I'm ready for something better.

    Overall it's what I was expecting - maybe more considering the price. Hopefully it will live up to its reputation for accuracy.

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    I think you made a good choice. The stock is a decent foundation. The action is the base of a lot of accurate rifles and they shoot good out of the box.
    One Cannot Be PC And Be Intellectually Honest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinhood View Post
    I think you made a good choice. The stock is a decent foundation. The action is the base of a lot of accurate rifles and they shoot good out of the box.

    I've read many comments by yourself and members here that convinced me it was a solid choice. It has its fans elsewhere (non Savage forums) as well. Most of the negative comments are related to the bolt action, which I don't consider a significant issue. I know (from research) there are "Lift Kits", but I'm satisfied with it for now. Most of the accuracy results I've seen have been excellent - and some have been amazing.

    Especially with my budget (under $1300 total - rifle, scope/mounts, cheek riser), I think it was the best option.

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    I have a Metthews Fabrication cheek riser on my rifle and I love it.

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    Got it set-up and ready to go -

    Painted the stock with SEM chipguard (like my Mark II stock here - installed the Matthews cheek rest, Harris bipod, and cleaned/lubed it.

    Also decided to powder coat the Accutrigger blade in red like the match trigger groups on the Model 12 LRP for a little detail.

    Might try the .357 case DIY bolt lift kit to see if it makes a noticeable improvement, but it's not bad as it is.

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    Nice looking rig....and timely post, as I'm heavily considering this same rifle. I'm looking forward to an update once you've been to the range.

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