This gentleman emailed me today hoping the site could help him find the owner of a specific Savage Model 99 in .358 Win that was manufactured in 1968 as he has some paperwork from the original owner of that rifle that he would like to send to the new owner. Here's the content of his email:


I'm an FFL dealer in MN. I have purchase paperwork and correspondence for Savage 99 358 Win Ser. 918630 from 1968 purchaser. I know it's a long shot but wanted to post that it's available for free. I really don't want to register (I'm already on enough forums:)! But on the chance someone here has this nice rifle it might add a little history to it. This collection had some high grade firearms so this Savage is with a collector somewhere. Anyway, feel free to post and they may contact me at my email: mntrdgco at gmail dot com


Larry Groben
Minnetonka Trading Co.