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Thread: Patch problems

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    Patch problems

    Hey guys! Iím doing my initial cleaning on a new 110 .308 and Iím having trouble with my patches not pushing through. This is my first rifle and Iím worried about bending the rod. Iím using 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 patches with a Tipton ultra jag. Itís getting stuck almost in the beginning. Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Trim your patches down 1/4" at a time until they go through more easily. Some patches are made of thicker material than others which can also pose a problem. In that case you might try a 7mm jag with the full uncut patch just to see how that is.

    Also, make sure you run a wet brush through the bore a couple times before trying to push a patch through. Trying to get a patch through a dry dirty bore is always a challenge.
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    The patches I just bought today are pretty thin than I’m use to and I was just thinking about trying a 7mm jag. Thanks for the quick reply

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    I keep a pair of kindergarten scissors in the zip lock bag holding the patches so I cut as needed depending on barrel diameter.

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    Yep, those jags are sensitive to cloth thickness and dimensions. I think they have suggested sizes for each jag. I have rounded the patches before also along with trimming sides.
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    Instead of buying and trimming patches I use old bed sheets. That way I can rip them the width I want and roll up the strips. Then I cut off what I need for cleaning each time.

    If really in a bind you can just buy a single flat sheet for cheap.

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    One thing to do is put patch on jag off the center of patch, the more off center the easier it will go thru bore.

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    Is it really necessary to even use a jag? Just put your soaked patch thru a cleaning patch loop, or wrap a strip around an older worn brass brush (or smaller caliber brush) and push the cleaning rod from breach to muzzle. If you can access the breach. Same with the dry patch. Has worked for me for nearly 50 years.

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