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Thread: 1899 Sav .30

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    1899 Sav .30

    Hello all,
    I recently acquired a very nice 1899F saddle ring carbine in SAV 30 (30-30). The rifle is easily 85% overall and is completely original. The bore is pristine and the case colors on the lever are in great shape. The barrel is about 95% with raised roll marks.The saddle ring is present and it wears the correct leaf rear sight as well as a #18 tang sight. The stock is excellent with a bit of aging on what appears to be the original finish. The serial number is 19,079 which is either 1900 or 1901 depending on the source. Blue book says 1901 but the on line Savage serial lookup says 1900. Any info concerning the numbers produced in this configuration would be greatly appreciated. I believe that the SAV 30 was only used for a brief period. Was the 1899 only offered in this and .303 at this time? Were the three Win. chamberings a bit later or not? There doesn't seem to be a lot of definitive info online about these. I humbly defer to you folks for a bit of help. Thanks in advance.
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    Ser# ran from 19000-200,000 in the 99F, so yours is an early one. It was chambered in .303 Sav in 1899. 30-30 was introduced in 1900 and .32-40 and 38-55 in 1903. Don't know when they changed over to the .30-30 from .30 Sav. Model was discontinued in 1919. Hope this helps!!

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