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Thread: Dick's special 10FCP-SR in 308

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    Dick's special 10FCP-SR in 308


    I bought one of the infamous Dick's specials last Christmas on the 25% off/$100 rebate deal. Just now pulling it out to start shooting it.

    Its a 10FCP-SR in 308, with heavy threaded barrel, long tactical bolt, top bolt release, and some sort of Kryptek Highlander camo stock. Everything I have read says the later versions of the 10FCP-SR have been problems, specifically with the magazine. However, can't find many postings after 2017.

    Guess I am asking if anyone has any info on the later manufactured 10FCP-SR's? Do they still have magazine issues? How do they shoot?


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    I bought one a couple years ago. Yes, magazine issues. Don’t care how hard you insert the magazine, still falls out after a few shots. My last 4 savages had this issue. This will be my last savage.
    Savage 10 FCP-SR 308, RPR 338 LM

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    I bought one about a year and a half ago. Replaced the stock with a Bell/Carlson M40 and have had no issues. Magazine issue was there when I first started shooting, but I opened up the "clip" on the mag a tiny bit so it would catch a little better, and haven't had any issues since.

    Compared to some of my other bolt guns, this one hasn't yet proven to be a tack driver, but it'll shoot about 3/4" 5-shot groups at 100yds pretty easily with several types of factory ammo. I'm hoping to work up some handloads through the winter and squeeze a little more accuracy.

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