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Thread: Savage Super Sporter Mod 40 / 30.06 cal

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    Savage Super Sporter Mod 40 / 30.06 cal

    Hi All:
    I am in possession of a Savage Super Sporter Mod 40 in 30.06 cal with ser no 15XXX. Any information regarding this fine weapon would be greatly appreciated. It has been in the family many, many years and is in original condition. This Savage was originally purchased by my grandfather back when - I never knew him as he passed prior to my birth in 1946. I suspect that the gun is from the mid 30ís possibly?
    Thank you.
    As I am new to this website, and am not quite sure as to how any response to this inquiry works my e-mail is

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    This rifle was introduced in 1928 and produced until about 1940. Total production was therefore limited. Its sibling was the Model 45,
    an upgraded model that had a checkered stock and a receiver peep sight. They were offered in .30-06, .300 Savage, and .250-3000.
    The Super Sporter replaced the earlier Savage Model 1920, a fine rifle whose action was too short for the .30-06. The most interesting feature of the
    Mod 40/45 was that it had locking lugs at the rear of the bolt, a departure from the much more common Mauser practice of lugs at the front of the bolt.
    I have a 40 that had inlet probs which Ifixed by epoxy bedding and it is now very accurate. Your serial number would indicate production toward the end of

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