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Thread: Hard vs Sav-2

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    Hard vs Sav-2

    Ok guys, share some experience....which works better?

    to get the sav-2 right, do I stone the stamped sear? If so, how?

    also, are both hunting reliable?

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    Basic Member Robinhood's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    I have stoned sears several times. I have never found the need to stone a factory sear unless there was wear or damage. You do not need to stone a sear for the SAV-1, SAV-2, SSS or the Jard.

    No Experience with the Jard.
    Best triggers in my experience:
    1. SSS
    2. SAV-2
    3. Shimmed Timney

    If you need an in the trigger safety:
    1. Accutrigger Target Red Blade
    2. Accutrigger Varmint
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    Lots to be said for the inherent safety of the Savage Accutrigger, besides keeping the three position safety that you lose with some aftermarket triggers. I've known a couple of guys who have steel screws and plates in place of bone due to hunting accidents. Years of recovery still left them partially crippled.

    Just say'n.
    Long distance shooters are a different breed, and I would never want to piss off someone who can "pick you off" from another zip code.

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    Wow! So what are people doing for trigger in these things? Pretty quiet...

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    Robinhood kind of covered it all but Ill add that I have a SAV-2 on an old flat back set at 14oz. Works pretty good. I also have a 3 screw tuned trigger set at approx 2.5# and it also works pretty good.

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