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Thread: Ammunition for a 1956 model 99 .308

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    Ammunition for a 1956 model 99 .308

    I am hoping to get some information from other owners of this rifle about their experiences with various ammunition. My .308 was given to me by my father and in all or the years that he had it he used Winchester 180 grain soft tipped rounds. He primarily hunted moose but has taken deer and bear and I plan to hunt similar game with it.
    In discussions with the guys at our local gun shop, they are steering me towards a 165/168 grain round and feel that they are better suited to the rifle. My research on the 165/168 grain shows that muzzle energies and velocities range from 2619/2650 (Fiocchi) to 3008/2840 (Hornady).
    Any comments that readers of this post might have will be most welcomed.

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    The 150-165 grain loads are generally more typical for deer sized game in the .308. Most 168gr loads are match loads. Biggest thing is just trying a couple different types of ammo and seeing what the rifle likes/shoots best.
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    I have a little newer Md 99E in .308. I handload for it but did play around with some factory loads. Mine didn't seem to like the higher end 165 grain loads and I had some feeding issues with the pointed or tipped bullets both in the factory and hand rolled variety. It did shoot the Winchester 150 gr. Power points really well and I settled on 150 Grain Nosler Partitions loaded with varget powder. In my experience these older rifles like the mild and mundane loads in terms of accuracy and most of these provide good terminal performance. Even with the guys talking up the 165s, I would follow what the gun shoots. Heed J. Baker's advice and get a couple of boxes of ammo and take the beauty to the range and shoot it. If it were me, I'd shy away from the Fancy ammo with long bullets and look for the tried and true, meat in the pot loads like Winchester Power Point, Remington co-lokt, and the like. Best of luck and when you hammer whatever beast you are pursuing, post a photo and the ammo you used.

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