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Thread: Striker Trigger adjust

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    Striker Trigger adjust

    I have the Striker with the "extremely" adjustable trigger. 5 screws inall....I think. One gun version had asimplified version but didn't allow really light pulls but mine is the complicated one.

    I have lost my copy of the proceedures and now the site seems to not post them. Help lease.

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    I have a Savage Striker in243 with 1st generation trigger that I started working with a couple years ago.The trigger was terrible. It would stack, creep and bind on the stock. Mydigital trigger pull gauge had it at 7 pounds 9 ounces for an average of 5pulls. So I did some research and consulted a couple of guys in the know onSavage trigger (thanks Dan & Ray) and set to the task of trying to lower itat least in half. My trigger is a generation one. I first started by removingthe connecting bars from the trigger to the sear. I stoned all the pivot pointssmooth as the arms are stamped and the holes are rough. The roller on the end (#3)was set fast, it’s supposed to rotate as it pushes off the sear. I held it witha smoothed face pair of pliers and with a lot of penetrating oil and gentletwisting I got it freed up and turning smooth. I then took an Arkansas stoneand smoothed and squared up the surface of the roller. I also stoned therounded contact surface on the back of the sear with the Arkansas stone. (#4)The sear surface was also uneven and did not make full contact, so a littlelight stoning helped that. The whole sear bar was loose in the arms that holdit so I took some brass bearing shim stock and made some washers to take up theside to side movement. I’m sure that movement was not helping positive searengagement. It took .020” of shim on one side and .015” on the other to centerit up and take most of the movement out. You can see the brass washers stickingup at the #2 arrow. The trigger also was sloppy and rubber on the side of thestock. I put a .015” shim in that. (#1) It still hit the side of the stock so Irelived the stock with a wood chisel and a jack knife. I also put a slightradius on the trigger hole sides as the factory edges were sharp. At this pointI had the trigger smooth and consistent at 5 pounds. I then backed out thetrigger tension spring (not show, it’s on the other side of the action) until Iclosed the bolt vigorously and got the sear to slip off. I turned it in onenotch and slammed the bolt, hit the side of the action hard with a nylon hammerand put the safety on and off several times. I could not get the sear to slipoff. I figured that I had it adjusted to a safe level. The trigger pull gaugesays 2 pounds 10 ounce for a 5 pull average. A little adjustment to the freetravel screw in the front of the trigger was needed. I then put the action backin the stock and performed the same safety checks again, still no sear slipwith a good jolt from the hammer. The safety goes on harder now, but I don’tthink I’m going to adjust it, as it takes a conscious effort to get it in thefire position and I think that’s a good thing on a hunting gun. I’m quitepleased with how the trigger came out. It’s no bench rest trigger but it’sgreat for hunting, and way better than what it was. [IMG]file:///C:/Users/rando/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]
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