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Thread: Hello from Portland OR

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    Hello from Portland OR

    Greetings everyone,

    I found this forum while searching for articles on primer cratering. I have a new to me slightly used Savage 12 Benchrest in 6BR that is cratering the primers with factory Lapua 6BR ammo which is fairly mild compared to the handloads most people shoot. I'll probably end up having the firing pin bushed to make this go away. I have also had to readjust the accu-trigger as the previous owner had it set too light and it would lock. I foresee a Rifle Basix upgrade happening quickly.

    Many of the Benchrest shooters at my club have or have had the Savage Benchrest rifle. Probably the best factory benchrest rifle available, though with the F-class crowd, custom seems to be the only way to satisfy the quest for perfection. It sure is a slippery slope. First you are chasing 20 shots in the 10 ring and trying hard to eliminate the "9" flyers. This quest will have you buying all kinds of gear if you aren't careful. About the same time you are chasing the number of "X"s as well. Add wind and mirage now you have a game that rivals golf. It will happen like this... You will be shooting with friends and one of them will start selling some of their stuff and because it is a good deal you will be spending major coin...I tried to warn you!

    My benchrest rifle is my second savage, my first is a custom 300 win mag based on a Savage 110 action. I'm able to shoot the 6BR free recoil, not likely that I will ever try shooting the 300 win mag that way. I had it built 18 years ago and need to take it out more. Until recently I let work and family take priority to shooting. Now that I have retired, I have some time back for my hobbies. While I enjoy reloading, I also like having options. I will test factory ammo on occasion so I can measure my loads against the readily available rounds. Factory ammo quality has really improved with more bullet choices which are a major factor in long range accuracy.

    Thanks in advance for all the informative posts

    Whisky Tahoe Foxtrot
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    Welcoome aboard

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    Welcome to the forum.
    But before you decide to get that bushing job done, think about the brass having issues. I know I'am still beating a dead horse but consider the brass "being too short for the chamber"?? Firing pin pushes the case forward in the chamber because it's too short, hasn't been formed to the chamber,primer fires, powder goes BOOM, primer tries to back out of the pocket, case head slams into the bolt head, primer gets pushed back into the pocket and you end up with pierced, cratered primers.
    Once the brass gets formed to the chamber, problem goes away till you resize the brass and end up pushing the shoulder back too far. You have just started all over again. Been there, done that.
    And if you happen to have a stash of loaded ammo where the brass is too short for the chamber, think about pulling the bullets out a bit to increase the OAL. They will be jammed into the lands and be held back against the bolt head. Once fired, reload with out pushing the shoulders back too far.
    Out of my 5 or 6 Savage rigs (I've lost count) never had issues or considered having the firing pin bushed. I'll spend more $$$ on reloading components.
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    Welcome to the savage family
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