Any recommendations on what I should rechamber my 10 FCP-SR in? (I guess the SR isn't entirely relevant since the factory barrel is threaded, but not necessarily the new barrel.) Sidenote: I live in California, so moderators or Flash hiders are fine on a bolt gun, not suppressors obviously.

I've learned rifle marksmanship on a .308 and .223. I'm interested in investing in a new barrel chambered in something other than my current Savage (.308).

I don't have an interest in shooting a 6.5, not because I don't believe the hype; rather I just refuse to be a bandwagoner. A friend has a RPR that shoots well I'm 6.5. I guess I rather pursue something else.

I've done some research on 7mm-08, but most of it seems to pertain to hunting. I'm open to getting a hunting rifle chambered in 7mm-08, but for now my .270 should do. 7mm caliber seems pretty interesting, and I feel like it could be a winner in a short action.

The advantage to .308 though seems to be that it doesn't require or rather doesn't benefit as much from barrel length in regards to velocity. So a 20" does well for target shooting or hunting. Reloading obviously changing the dynamics of the rifle.
In short, I've been told bigger bore rifles exhaust gas faster and therefore burn it faster/sooner. Overbore I think is the term?

So with say a 7mm-08, I imagine it would benefit more from a 22-24" barrel, /reloading/handloading even more so.

Does anyone have experience shooting 7mm calibers for target shooting in a short action?

If so, would I be better suited to a 7wsm or SAUM? Or another caliber? An advantage to 7mm seems to be the bigger weight offerings that 6.5/.260 doesn't seem to have beyond 140's and 143's.

I'd like to hear suggestions.



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