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Thread: Bore sighting an A22 question

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    Bore sighting an A22 question

    I get my A22 FV-SR next week, and I will be mounting the scope and sighting it in myself. I saw a video were a guy field stripped an A22. It appears to me from the video that by removing the recoil spring/guide rod assembly, the charging handle, and the bolt you can bore sight the A22 by looking through the barrel like you would with a bolt action rifle. Can anyone verify this for me?

    I would also like to know if I need to do anything with the factory mounted pica tinny rail before I mount the scope. This is the first time I've done a scope myself,I bought the Wheeler combo mounting kit, and a CTK P3 rest and vise attachment. Any tips are welcome. Thanks

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    Yes, you can pull the bolt to bore-sight the A-Series rifles.

    As for the factory rail, just make sure the screws are properly torqued down before mounting the scope.
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