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Thread: Barrel swap 110 from 270 to 6.5 prc

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    Barrel swap 110 from 270 to 6.5 prc

    Just looking for guidance, and if anyone has done one yet. Looking at putting a proof carbon pre-fit in place of the 270 barrel. Need to swap bolt faces, just checking for anything else i might run into.

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    Feed lips will need to be modified...if that will even work. Possibly need to use a magnum mag and follower.
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    One thing that you may run into-- difficulty finding 6.5prc brass or ammo. I was able to get 2 boxes of ammo and that is it. I tried the 6.5 prc because i wanted to try a Ruger Hawkeye LRT and I didn't want another Creedmoor or 300 win and those were the only 3 chamberings. The factory ammo shot very good- but the brass is not holding up very well to reloading and primer pockets are getting loose after only 3 firings. Maybe someone else is making brass now- but as far as I know it is only Hornady. I am a big fan of Hornady bullets-- but I really dislike the brass.

    I wish I would have stayed away from the prc because in my opinion it doesn't live up to the hype. It was marketed as a short action but it really isn't, and standard mags won't even accept the factory ammo. Even with the accurate mag you are at the limit with the factory ammo so you can't get closer to the lands when handloading. I have a interview where the Hornady Team is talking about why the 6.5 CM is such a better round than the 260 Rem and they say "because you need a long action for the 260 rem". The 6.5 prc brass is 0.005 shorter than the 260 Rem but somehow that makes it a wonderful short action round? I don't think so.

    Non of this really applies to you because you are wanting to use a LA... But I think there are better long action 6.5 cartridges than the prc..... definitely until someone besides hornady starts selling brass.

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    I am thinking the same thing but am starting with a 7mm RM, so no conversion worries for me if I go 6.5 PRC. In any case, I do think a Savage long action is the best choice for the 6.5 PRC due to mag length.

    My other alternatives are a standard .270 Win, 6.5-06 or another 6.5-06AI. Recently worked up a load for Daughter's new-to-her Rem M700 .270. With a 150g Nosler ABLR at 2912fps with H100v, it is pretty close to a 6.5PRC out to about 1000 yards. probably better than with some bullets in the PRC.

    FWIW, my 6.5-06AI beats the PRC. I use common-as-dirt .25-06 brass and run it through the 6.5-06AI sizing die. Even my fire-form loads are accurate.

    Will probably go 6.5PRC as I'm in no hurry and brass will become available.

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