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Thread: B17 FV First thoughts

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    B17 FV First thoughts

    So I just recently purchased a new B17 FV after using a 93R17 for a number of years that I have now handed down to my seven-year old son. My initial impressions are that the B17 is a definite improvement over the 93R17 and certainly worth the extra $$$ that Savage charges. My thoughts:

    1. Trigger is better with lighter default trigger pull as well as less take up/creep
    2. New rotary magazine is lightyears ahead of the crappy 93R magazine (which managed to puke out all five rounds through the chamber when I was loading the magazine at the range the other day???)
    3. New stock is definitely nicer. The pistol grip felt very nice in my hands too. The stock comb height worked perfect for me with the DIP 25moa rail and my Redfield Revolution 4-12x40. The forearm section of the stock is still a bit flimsy and the barrel still touched the sides at times. Hopefully can get an MDT chassis for it at the end of the month.
    4. Accuracy was very nice using Hornady 20-grain HP XTP (Only zeroed at 25 yards since first time out and teaching my son also.

    Hopefully I can get out over the next two weekends to shoot groups at 100 yards and report back!

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    Congrats on the new Savage. Am looking forward to your report back after your next trip.

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