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Thread: Savage 99C in Alaska

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    Savage 99C in Alaska

    I just picked up another Savage 99. It's by far the newest one I own. It's a 99C in a 308. I'm really partial to the older ones. But got a screaming deal on it. I would like to buy an extra magazine it. I've seen the OEM ones on eBay, but they range from $125.00 plus. Numrich has the aftermarket ones in stock for about $45.00. Anyone have any experience with them? Or would you advise biting the bullet and buy the OEM ones?

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    They are pricey!! I'd try one of the NUmrich mags, if it don't work send it back!! They have a return policy!!

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    I bought 2 of the Numrich ones for my 99C and haven't had any issue with them. Granted, they are a little tighter to load than the original one but the ammo cycles through them perfectly. The bluing doesn't match the rest of the rifle either.

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