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Thread: Savage 340V caliber conversion

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    Savage 340V caliber conversion

    I have a Savage model 340V in 225 Winchester. I want to convert it to 22 hornet. Can anyone tell me if bolt heads from other 340 series Savage rifles will fit my rifle, such as 340B, 340C, 340D, etc?

    If no one knows can anyone please point me towards someone who may know?

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    They should. As far as I know they only made 3 different bolt heads. 22 Hornet, .222 and one for the .225 and 30-30 win.
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    Although the 22 hornet bolt that I have, seems to "almost" fit in my 30-30, I can't check to see if it will go all the way because of the locking lug and cone breach stopping the bolt.
    An issue that I see you might have with the conversion, is the 22 hornet action were made substantially different than those that were for the 30-30 or the .225. The ejection port and magazine well are machined out much smaller, and the location for the ejector is a lot further forward on the Hornet.
    Lastly, you'll find - as I have - that a 22 hornet barrel is extremely hard to come by!

    I'll try to take and post some pictures of the two receivers later, to illustrate the differences.


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