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Thread: Second Mark II FV-SR Extraction problems, spring bending did nothing.

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    Second Mark II FV-SR Extraction problems, spring bending did nothing.

    I sold my first FV-SR back in 2013 to fund a Uhaul moving truck fee, and I finally picked up a used one for $190 OTD from my local shop. It was there for 2 months and I finally decided to get it. I picked up a nice new nikon 3-9 P tac MOA optic and some leupold rings and i had my $400 22 can ready plinker back......for about 20rnds.

    after that point it started FTExtracting randomly, and then went to full FTE every time. suppressed shooting in cold weather. my old FV prolly went through 3 prics of ammo and was FLAWLESS. I tried CCI STD VEL (love that stuff) and Aguila super extra SV. did the same on both.

    I think I got someones basket case they pawned off to the gun shop. I took it home, found out about the spring bending trick. it did nothing. I actually cannot extract a round out (live or fired case) even pushing hard directly on the extractor with a screwdriver blade and pulling the bolt back. I have to pry em out with a pick. the chamber wasn't rough, no lines on brass, cases not tight, extractor looked ok, and the face of the barrel wasnt peened from dry firing. I decided to go make a new extractor from some HSS .25" bar stock, and it did the same thing. I took it back to the shop and its currently awaitng the backlog of guns the gunsmith has before it will be looked at.

    I tell ya, what a poor design! I dont know why they didnt just use a pin and a spring like other 22lr designs. my Remmy 511-x is old skool but it always grabs that round.

    Just posting to say that the spring trick isnt always it. I'll post up what the gunsmith finds out. I'm just glad they stand behind their sales!

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    I'd call Savage to see if they can't send you some parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee1000 View Post
    I'd call Savage to see if they can't send you some parts.
    +1 on this. Savage is usually pretty good about sending out replacement extractors and spring clips.
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    I had the same issue. Called Savage and they sent a new, guide rod, extractor, and spring. I swapped everything out and it ran finne for 60rds or so, then I started getting failures to eject. The case would be extracted from the chamber but then fall off the bolt face and be left in the gun.

    The new extractor I was sent was much sharper than the original.

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