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Thread: Upgrade Axis or buy Savage 10?

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    Upgrade Axis or buy Savage 10?

    I have Savage axis old original, I already put Boyd’s stock. I need your help with decide, should I get x-caliber 6.5mm barrel
    or just buy Savage 10 to upgrade for competition?

    I already know about Bryan lewis did competition with Upgrade Axis. But need more expand on thought before buy.

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    You'll have more options as far as aftermarket accessories goes with a 110-sereis rifle, but the Axis is perfectly capable if you can get parts (stock, trigger) that suit your needs for it. The Axis action is stiffer than your standard repeater 110-series due to it having a small port and solid top, but whether that is really of any benefit has never been proven (proven in that nobody has proven the standard 110-series repeater action isn't sufficiently stiff).

    In other words, do whatever floats your boat - either will suffice.
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    My .02
    Kinda like trying to run the Indy 500 with a Prius.
    Can it be done?
    Probably, After all speed is a question of money. How fast do you want to go?
    For competition I'd just buy something suitable. After all, Savage offers competition ready models for most every shooting discipline.
    Their target series are really nice and I doubt you can build anything comparable for the actual going price of one of them. The long range series or even the varmint series are also quite capable and great values. Dont let the manufacturers website pricing scare you, with a little shopping around there are great deals to be had.
    That would put you way ahead in the game and leave much more money for glass, and load components
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    I assume your Boyd's stock is suitable for whatever competition you want to do. Does the Axis have an accutrigger or do you need to replace it as well?

    Seems the X-caliber accuracy guarantee is same as Savage's (for varmint and target barrels), 1MOA. So, for about same cost you could get a 12FV. Then you still have to find a stock (and trigger if you don't like the Savage one).

    If it were me? Well, in another year or two I will probably have shot out my Axis barrel so I will have the same problem. Rebarrel or not. It will be a tough decision. Will probably boil down to me not wanting to 'throw away' a perfectly good action/stock setup. Then just a decision on how much to spend on a barrel :) I've always wanted a Shilen :)

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