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Thread: Savage Patrol Stock Issue

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    Savage Patrol Stock Issue

    At the range today, just as I was packing up to leave I noticed a small dark metal part on the floor. I picked it up and realized that it was one half of the QD socket that holds on the lever that you squeeze to move the buttstock back and forth. Sure enough, the other half of the QD socket and the screw that holds them together were gone from the stock. An "oh shit" moment since I could not collapse the stock. I shoot with the stock fully extended.

    Started to look around and soon found the other half of the QD socket. Could not find the screw. Looked around for 10 minutes or so and finally found the screw (it is quite small) underneath one of the benches. I noticed that the screw did not have any thread locker on it. Anyway, got it home and assembled the QD sockets and put red locktite (sp?) on the screw.

    Point of all this is to check your stock to be sure the screw is tight and maybe take the sockets apart and put thread locker on the screw. If the parts had fallen off while I was walking down range to check the targets, I would never have found them and I don't know it they are available from Savage or Blackhawk. So, luckily, mischief managed.

    BTW, other than that hiccup, a great day at the range.


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    believe it or not, the exact same thing happened to me. let a buddy shoot my gun. i was loading everything up and there was a pile of parts behind the stock of the gun. accurate gun but that was dissappointing

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