So I finally got my first centerfire rifle, the 110 Tactical 308WIN LH. I'm topping it of with Warne low rings and an Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 MOA scope. Additionally I've bought several boxes of ammo for it: 3 boxes of Federal Power Shok 180gr (2 boxes for initial sight in and break in), box of Federal Power Shok 150gr, box of Hornady American Whitetail 165gr, and a box of Hornady 168gr ELD Match. I tried to get the Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr but couldn't get them from Bass Pro; will try again from somewhere else. And lastly, I put a Harris 6-9" pivoting bipod on it. My questions are:

What is the torque for stock screws and base screws? Also, I put the 2 medium LOP spacers on it and the screws look like they just barely fit. What size screws do I need? I'm guessing #10 x 2-1/4". Longest provided screws are 2". And is there any way you guys could tell if the LOP is ok by simply looking at a picture? I'm going by what seems to feel good plus what the LOP is for a muzzy I already own that I shoot pretty good.