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Thread: Savage 111 trophy hunter xp build

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    Savage 111 trophy hunter xp build

    Hello Iím doing a 6.5 PRC build. I think I found a doner rifle for the action. Itís a savage 111 trophy hunter XP in a 300 Win Mag. Looking at the rifle it looks like itís a detachable magazine from the pics. If so Iím seeing my stock selection is pretty limited. Wanting to go with a bell and Carlson stock.

    My question is can I use all the factory magazine parts and pieces or will I need to buy the replacement $200 dollar bottom metal?? If thatís the case what all will I need to convert it to either a blind mag or a hinged bottom plate? Donít really want to spend $200 bucks just to keep the magazine but Iím not a fan of blind mags either

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    ...following. In same boat but have 7mm rem mag with detachable mag

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    If it is this one (#1017) it says "drop in for action and detatchable magazine". I'd give them a call.

    E. Arthur Brown has a nice $20 poly bottom "metal" that I used to restock my M11 w/bottom bolt release (it has a molded-in metal bushing for the forward action screw). It worked well with my Boyds and will also fit Choate, but I don't know for Bell & Carson. I also got the Gun Shack metal trigger guard.

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    Yeah, you probably will have to get the aftermarket bottom metal. The Trophy hunter package does have a DBM setup and the mag housing is integrated into the stock so you can't remove it. (at least with the newer models).

    The easiest fix is probably the blind mag setup, as all you have to do there is pop the bottom of your current DBM and insert the mag into the blind mag slot in your new stock (Will probably have to get the "L" bracket from Savage to retain the mag in the stock. That's how the Boyd's stocks work anyway. Would think the B&C would be similar.

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