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Thread: Savage 110 Project

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    Savage 110 Project

    Good evening...hope everyone is having a great Monday. I decided that I wanted a lighter rifle than I currently own and wanted too go through the process of building a rifle from a Savage 110 action. So I played around on Gun Broker and found a Savage 110 30-06 22" barrel, Wood Stock and accutrigger. I'm still new to some of the terminology but I believe it is a center feed. My initial plan was to rebarrel to a 6.5-284 and install a McMillan Edge stock. I received the rifle in today and I'm surprised how much I like the stock. Currently the rifle weighs in at 8.28 pounds with a Simmons scope installed. I will change the scope out. I would like to get the weight down. I took the barrelled action out of the stock today and weighed the stock. 2.96 lbs. Has anyone cut weight from one of these stocks? If so, how much were you able to cut? Also, looking at the stock it looks like it has pillars already installed (I hope the picture uploaded). Is that what I'm seeing? I`m sure I`m leaving some information out so if you have questions please fire away.
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    Weight reduction and looks are not necessarily a match.... You could use a bunch of math and figure out how much material is being removed from drilled holes but it won't come anywhere close to the 22-26 ounces (all up weight) of the edge... My 110 is just about 15 lbs (set up as a long range rifle....) and I am happy with it but I am not hauling it through the woods either....

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    Yes, it looks like pillars. If you like that stock you could lighten it a little, but, not much. Certainly not down to the Edge level.

    If you really want to loose 1 1/2 lb then buy the Edge for hunting and keep the wood stock for the range (or sell it).

    I'd keep the wood stock, but, I have never liked the way light rifles feel when shooting. I like a bit of weight. Keep in mind I hunted mostly with muzzle loaders and even hunted with a Garand a couple of times.

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