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Thread: 110 Tactical Update

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    110 Tactical Update

    I shot my second PRS match (first with the savage) last weekend and overall I was pleased with the rifle. I did have a few hiccups though.

    The first being I accidentally put sideways pressure a couple of times on the trigger safety blade causing the safety to drop the sear. Not knowing what to do I ended up recyling the bolt and throwing a live round out of the magazine.

    The second issue I have is my gun does not always cycle smoothy from the magazine. 1 out of 5 times the round will jam somewhat requiring me to slightly pull the bolt back and then forward again. I dont know if this is due to my handloads being longer than factory or if both of my magpul mags just need some internal smoothing (maybe some trimming of the front of the ears so the round is released to the bolt sooner. Other times it fails to pick up a round. So this brings me to two questions.

    Will a timney trigger keep the rifle from "locking up" if accidental sideways pressure is put on the trigger?

    Has anyone tried any aftermarket mags? Was thinking of trying Alpha mags.

    Other than those issues the rifle was amazing. I'm fairly certain I doubled my score from my first match. If anyone is interested in PRS this rifle is a very economical way to start!

    In the video you can see me dump a round from having the sear fall. It definitely cost me precious time.

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    1. Yes, any aftermarket trigger will eliminate the side-load issue.

    2. Can't help on the mag's, but the problem likely isn't with the mag but the fact that it's a push-feed rifle. If it feeds well normally (when you're not rushing like you were in the video for a timed match) I would say the mag is fine and it's something you are inducing as the shooter. Canting the rifle severely can/will affect feeding reliability with a push-feed.

    My suggestion would be to practice like your in a match and when the rifle jambs up stop immediately and look at how it's jamming. Is the bullet tip hitting above or below the chamber mouth? Off to either side of the chamber mouth? Is the bullet started into the chamber but the shoulder is jamming on the chamber mouth? Is the shoulder making it into the chamber but it jams on the body of the case because the case head isn't lined up with the bolt head and caused it to get wedged?

    Knowing specifically how it's jamming will go a long way into knowing what the cause is and what needs done to fix it.
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    By any chance is it a Creedmoor?
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    What he’s using:

    Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 CreedmoorVortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50APA Little Bastard Muzzle BrakeHarris 6-12 BipodBison Tactical "Tactical Udder" Bag

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