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Thread: 110 storm

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    110 storm

    Before i buy one is there anything negitive about them, please only respond if you own one not what ypu might have read

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    I bought a 110 Storm in a left hand 243 this summer . I traded in a left hand Trophy Hunter XP 243 on it . I was expecting the new stock to make a big difference in my groups seeing that it is aluminum bedded . Same accuracy as near as I can determine , 1in to 1 1/2 groups .I hand load so have tried several bullet and powder combinations . Would love to change barrel but there isn’t much space either side of barrel so don’t know it that is possible . Would like a Shilen magnum sporter if it would fit . I bought the gun because of the new stock so don’t want to change barrells if I have to change stocks . I wanted a predator model or a model 12 varmit low profile but Savage stopped making them in left hand .

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    I was ready to buy a new 110 storm, did my research and was ready to purchase it. When I got to the store they had a 11 trophy hunter xp on sale, after holding both I took the trophy hunter home. both were 223 and just what I wanted. I'm happy with my purchase.

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