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Thread: 7MM SAUM BLIND magazine conversion

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    7MM SAUM BLIND magazine conversion

    Good day
    I have a old style savage short action 7MM SAUM that I would like to convert to a detachable box magazine. Are there options to convert a staggered feed blind magazine to a detachable box magazine or do I have to go to a centerfeed action. I do have a 308 top bolt release action that I could possibly use that is centerfeed if that would be easier. If I would go to the 308 action could I simply screw my 7mm saum Barrel on and put the short mag bolt in place of the 308 Bolt then by the proper magazine and bottom metal.


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    In this day and age finding staggered feed magazine parts for conversions is darn near impossible. If going to a centerfeed action I would imagine you could probably use the WSM magazine with little to no tweaking. Just note that Savage changed the magnum bolt heads and front baffles at some point in the mid 2000's which require a different firing pin assembly so if you plan to pick up a centerfeed action get one that's already setup for a magnum cartridge.

    The SAUM actions were all large shank, so your barrel won't screw into your standard shank 308 action.
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