These dedicated vendor boards are for our advertisers so that they may post new product announcements, special promotions and/or sales, list clearance or overstock items, etc. You may also use your board to gauge interest and get feedback on possible new products, or seek suggestions from our members for new products or services they would like to see you offer.

Basic Rules:

  • Only those businesses who have purchased advertising on this site will be eligible to have a Site Sponsors board. (email to inquire about advertising with us)
  • Someone (you can have more than one) from your business will need to create an account that we can assign to serve as the moderator for your board.
  • That person (or persons) will be the only one(s) with permission to create new posts within your board.
  • Your dedicated board will be visible to all website visitors (including unregistered guests), while only those who are registered and logged in will be able to reply to your threads to ask questions or leave feedback.
  • Deliberately creating new posts promoting your goods or services in another Site Supporters board, or replying to another Site Sponsors post attempting to promote your own goods or services over theirs will not be tolerated.
  • Posts regarding special promotions and/or a sale MUST include an ending date in the TITLE of the post. This is to ensure that members will know exactly when the offer expires.
  • If the post is for clearing out an overstock of a particular item, be sure to indicate how many items are available and try to update the post with the number remaining every couple of days.
  • Your board is NOT for listing regularly stocked items at regular prices unless it is an announcement for a new item being offered.
  • Any threads found in this board that do not adhere to these rules will be removed.
  • We reserve the right to restrict or revoke any Advertisers permission to post in this board should they routinely violate these rules.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or the use of your board just shoot me an email or PM and I will be happy to address them.

Jim B.
Site Administrator