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Thread: Savage scout project

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    Savage scout project

    Couple of years ago, I ordered a "custom" Savage scout rifle, left-handed, 7mm-08. Got it set up, and tried really hard to wear it out in the first six months I owned it. Now, a dozen or so hogs, a few deer, and several hundred rounds later, it's my favorite rifle. Doesn't do anything really well, but does everything pretty darned good.

    Unfortunately, I let my 15 YO granddaughter, Senior Minion #1, shoot it a few times and now I have to watch her when it's out, lest it walk off and go home with her. (What really sucks is that she can shoot it almost as well as I can!)

    She's currently running an older lefty Model 11 with a Numrich laminated hardwood stock, in 7mm-08, so I've decided that I'm going to scouterize it for her for Christmas. Have the scope mount, screws, rear ghost ring, front sight parts all on order, and a Burris 2-3/4X IER scope ready to put on it.

    The stock is already cut to a 12-1/2" LOP, the barrel was bobbed to 20", and it's a blind box magazine, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do to lighten it any more.

    Suggestions, ideas, etc. all cheerfully accepted!

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    As long as you are talking about a sporter barrel, then the savings are down to minimal. Synthetic stock, get rid of the iron sights.
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