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Thread: Lots of Savage Hate at Snipershide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinhood View Post
    Its funny that when pointing to the shortcoming of the Savage action people start bashing Remington. The point is, the custom ARC action is not even in the same league as a completely worked Remington or Savage. Like saying you turboed your Mustang and you start looking for a Bugatti Veyron SS to compare yourself to.
    Valid point Robin. They both have shortcomings, but I think the Remington action is just easier to make improvements to. Savages biggest downfall of all is the constant changing of their actions layout. Between action screw spacing and bolt release it's hard for the after market to keep up. It's not always just a simple modification to make things work a lot of the time.

    For me, they all have their own place. If I want to do something on a small budget and make a DIY project out of it then the Savage action is your ticket as long as you're will to accept a few drawbacks other than accuracy.
    If you're on a budget, but don't want to do the work yourself, than the Remington may be a better fit with more options available to it. In the end I believe it will have a few less performance drawbacks than the Savage depending on what items you have upgraded in conjunction (i.e. Sako Extractor ect.)

    If your budget is bigger and you want to do most of the work yourself then get a Mausingfield or a bighorn TL2/TL3 and run all your Savage Small Shank barrels on a full custom action that won't have any performance drawbacks and be just as accurate as any Savage you could build on a budget.

    If your budget is unlimited buy whatever action you want and tell the Gunsmith what you want it to be when they're done.

    As far as the Hide convo that was brought up. If I was starting out all over again knowing the issues I had trying to run the Savage action in high stress competition and some austere conditions I'd pick up the RPR and upgrade it down the road. You drop as much or less on than you would a LRP and don't have any of the tuning that a Savage needs. Not to mention the often noted feeding, extraction, and ejection issues that Savage actions are fond of.

    As I stated, you have to respect the limitations of the gear you're running. I got tired of thinking about gear and required tuning, so I went the custom route in order to focus on my competitive shooting. I've done nothing, but improve my scores with my decision. A little more financial stress maybe, but I took out the worry of trying to fix my gear while the clock was running and not getting rounds down range to score points!

    Savage actions fill their intended roll very well and honestly, I'd love to see someone come out and win a big tactical match with a built up Savage. However, I've never seen a Savage action go through an entire match, much less a single stage without some type of FTF, FT Extract, or FT Eject. They are always accurate, but you can't score points while the clock is running if you're sitting around trying to get a round in the chamber.

    I believe those that say they have never had an issue, have never tried shooting a timed event with multiple stressors that take your focus off of what normally works all the time. I.E. Rifle canted on a barricade and not a perfect level prone position or numerous other items like dust storms or sand in general. The muzzle brake blast of the guy next to you throwing sand in your action. All kinds of stuff that occurs during these matches.

    I'll end this rant on this one note. I'm not bashing Savage. I am simply stating where I have had them fail me personally and observed them failing others in similar situations. That to me has identified the limitations of the Savage actions and can respect that for what they are.

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    I got tired of thinking about gear and required tuning, so I went the custom route in order to focus on my competitive shooting. I've done nothing, but improve my scores with my decision.
    Well said. Experience is a great teacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Evans View Post
    Why are 26x1.5 metric threads a deal-breaker?
    Because he heard somebody else say it is.

    I think Lonewolf is spot on with his assessment. For most of us, even those of us who want better than average
    accuracy for hunting or some types of competition, a Savage can be used very affectively.
    But every thing, and all of us, has its limitations. Recognizing the boundries is all that's important.
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    Gentlemen if a group doesn't believe in what they do or own what do they believe in? I for one am proud of the things I own and consider them the best quality for the price paid. You can't call them haters for being proud of the product they chose, simply product proud. I guess coming from the world of revolvers with Smith and Wesson and Colts I always considered Ruger to be the junk. LOL Not to offend them just putting my own perspective on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Evans View Post
    Why are 26x1.5 metric threads a deal-breaker?
    Sorry Scott I just saw this. In response I will say, because Savage prefits will not screw into them like they will in a Mausingfield or Shilen. Other than that all it takes is a machine that will cut metric threads.
    One Cannot Be PC And Be Intellectually Honest!

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    I've tried running Savage actions in PRS competitions and they failed miserably. They had nothing but failures of feeding, extracting, and ejecting. As a basic hunting rifle, for benchrest, or for f class, they are decent actions. They'll get the job done. For high stress environments, there are too many options that excel way beyond what Savage is capable of delivering.
    They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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    Apparently there's a lot of excess/lack of testosterone at Snipershide (my gun is bigger than yours). When I hear "this is the best ....", my first question is "at what?". You get whatever it is for what you want it to do. A rifle, for instance, may not be the best for both right hand and left hand shooters. Making a rifle better at what it does, may not make it the best. That's like a definition of Expert. That's a person that learns more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.

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    They tend to be a little bit snobs. But shoot what you got.

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