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Thread: Hello from Kentucky

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    Hello from Kentucky

    I have been a collector and shooter of military firearms including machine guns, 1870s-1949 for the last 40 years. In fact until a few years ago never owned a "new" firearm. I got the bug last year for some glass and longer range shooting. I have fired 600 yard iron sight ranges many times. However wanted to move to the 1000 yard and beyond category. My first modern purchase was a Barrett M82A1, not my first 50 BMG. The first was a rebarreled Boyes antitank rifle. Then there came the M1a and two AR 15s. I have since purchases a Savage 110 BA in .338 LM which I have fired on steel out to 1200 yards. Trying to find some longer ranges for this baby. Now it is not a tack driver. I can shoot .5-.6 MOA at 100 yards and had no trouble on the steel 16 inch plates at 1200 yards. While I say it is not a tack driver I was pleased with the accuracy of a mass produced right out of the box gun. Next up for me was a Savage 10 BA .308 It has also been used to shoot steel out to 1000 yards. Another lucky strike? A pretty accurate mass produced gun right out of the box. Not as accurate as my .338 but close. Most recent purchase is a Savage LRH in 6.5X284. Have been sighting in and load work up the past two weekends. I like this caliber, only complaint is sporter barrel which gets to hot to fast. Best grouping on this has been 5 shots at .3 inches at 100 yards. So right now I am a Savage convert. Hope to pick up some interesting and useful info from this board.

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    Welcome! Plenty of good info here. Would hope that you can share some photos of your collection in the non-Savage section. As a side note, when I was in college way back when, I was reading a gun magazine article about WW1 weapons, and my painting teacher noticed and started quizzing me... That Friday he invited me to his house and swore me to secrecy. He drug out piece after piece of vintage weaponry. His thing was French militaria, he had a Chauchat, a Hotchkiss, among a throng of others. All were demilled, but still awesome. It was truly impressive. He wasn't a shooter, but knew his stuff. Anyways, welcome aboard.

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    Welcome aboard

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    You don't know what you don't know.

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    Welcome from Louisville

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    A good wife and a steady job has ruined many a great hunter.

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    Welcome! You'll learn a lot here.

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    Welcome from NE Michigan.
    USAF 1966 to 1972 KC-135, C-130 and B-52 D and H " We Deliver "

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