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Thread: Accu-Trigger lowest trigger pull "Varmint model"

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    Accu-Trigger lowest trigger pull "Varmint model"

    I've got a standard Accu-Trigger on my 12FLV originally in 308win.... I thought the trigger on the Varmint models was supposed to go down to about a pound.... I'm not certain, It's been a while... The trigger on mine only adjusts down to about 2 1/4lbs, Is this normal? It's a little heavy for my taste..... Any way to shorten the spring without ruining the trigger.
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    Re: Accu-Trigger lowest trigger pull "Varmint model"

    I had a 12FV a couple years ago and the Trigger went no lower than #2.25
    And I beleive that was the norm.
    I have a brand new model 10 Predator .223 and the Trigger goes as low as #1.5
    That is the Norm for this model.
    It came factory set at #1.75

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    Re: Accu-Trigger lowest trigger pull "Varmint model"

    Having looked at and adjusted (played with) a couple of Accutriggers, it appears to me that the only variable would be the spring itself. Are there different springs (i.e. more or less winds or different diameter wire) available. The mechanism is so simple that there must be a easy solution to different weight of pull.

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    Re: Accu-Trigger lowest trigger pull "Varmint model"

    The varmint/law enforcement rifle trigger would never go down to a pound, if I remember right the advertised lowest pull weight was at 1 1/2 pounds, or 24 ounces. The problem is with the stacking tolerances the lowest trigger weight will vary from rifle to rifle. The target accu-trigger has an advertised weight down to 6 oz, but at that weight they are hard to manage. (Every time you close the bolt it trips.) With the target accu-trigger it is dependable at around 1 lbs. The other problem with trigger pull numbers is how you measure it.
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