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Thread: Savage Model 110e .243 bolt problem?? firing pin problem?

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    Savage Model 110e .243 bolt problem?? firing pin problem?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a model 110e 243 and I just recently re-did the stock and after I put it all together and went out and shot it after two times of firing I went to reload for the third and as soon as I closed or locked the bolt down it set off the firing pin.....very dangerous!! Did I maybe install other wrong or is this an occurring problem? Wanting to get get it fixed before the up coming coyote season. Any suggestions will help!! Thank you everyone!!

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    Is the trigger rubbing the inside of the stock?

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    I do not believe so. I took it apart and put it back together again making sure the trigger was not put in awkwardly or rubbing against anything. After putting it back.together again it does not do it as much. Maybe about 1 out of every 8-10 times but yet it is still dangerous. Any other thoughts?!? Thank you for your input already.

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    Either the trigger is in contact with the stock or your trigger is set too light. YOu haven't mentioned if it has the stock or an aftermarket trigger in it, and/or if any trigger work has been done to it. That information would be helpful since the trigger is likely the cause of the problem here.
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    Come to find out from another member the preload on the trigger was to low. I tightened it up and have cocked the gun at least 50 times with no firing. Thank you all for your responses!

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    Put the rifle on safety.
    Pull the trigger(make sure it is niot loaded)
    Take it off Safety.

    This is to check that it doesn't fire by just flipping the safety.

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