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Thread: turkey with a stevens 94b

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    turkey with a stevens 94b

    I have an old Stevens 94b 12 guage that belonged to my late great-uncle. He gave me my first gun and taught me to shoot. Yesterday was the 11 year anniversary of his death and I just so happened to get my turkey tag in the mail. So I decided I want to use the old Stevens to harrass the turkeys this spring. Igot a replacement stock and forearm with some inletted chunks from gunstocks inc. I am curious if its ok to shoot any 2 3/4 turkey shells through it or if I should be avoiding anything? I have used this gun on grouse and phesant but always with light target loads. I will work on getti g a picture of it and maybe the old high standard sportking carbine .22 he taught me to shoot with.

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    Should be no problem as long as you don't try to jam a 3" shell in there.

    Usually you find some guys that just go and buy a box of shells for their old guns and don't read the barrels.

    Make sure your shooting lead and not steel as well.
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    I have a Stevens Model 94 12 gauge, and I have fired shells ranging from dove loads to Winchester OO buck through it. The heaviest load I have fired in it is Federal Premium 1 5/8 oz #6. Around here that would be considered a turkey load, although it doesn't say "turkey" on the box. I have killed 4 legged predators after my chickens using that load and the Stevens.
    At one time that was my only shotgun, but now the old girl has been semi-retired and serves as my barn gun. I keep some low base #6 one ounce shells close by it, just in case.
    I hope you get a turkey in memory of your late great-uncle. Good luck!
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