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Thread: Model 11 Trophy Hunter-First Impressions

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    Model 11 Trophy Hunter-First Impressions

    I just picked up a Trophy Hunter in .243 today from my local FFL. I had ordered it through Davidsons for $523 out the door, including tax and background check. I'm hoping to get it to the range in the next few days. The stock makes the rifle feel somewhat cheap, it feels like the same hollow plastic that I came to expect on the Stevens 200 rifles. Still and all, it's functional and the barrel is being supported properly for a free float. The recoil pad is great, not that I'll need it for the .243, but I'm sure it would be appreciated by anyone using heavier recoiling cartridges. The Nikon BDC scope is clear and as bright as can be, in that respect at least it rivals Leupold scopes that I have. The bolt doesn't feel real smooth, but may smooth out with use. It does travel back and forth without any binding. The Accu-trigger, as expected, works great. I'm not at all impressed with the plastic magazine retaining latch. I can see it wearing out or breaking at some point. It would probably be a good idea for me to buy another magazine to have on hand just in case.
    I'll post more once I have a range report.

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    Cool deal. I just bought a TH XP in .308 with the Nikon BDC. Its the first bolt action ive ever owned so my opinion might not be the greatest as far as experience goes but im quite happy with it.

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