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Thread: Factory DBM conversion from blind mag??

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    put n the dog on

    Factory DBM conversion from blind mag??

    Iknow there has been plenty of threads on this but has anyone made this conversion from model 10 blind mag? I'm picking up a factory frame from a member here. Was wondering how intense the inletting is? I have a boyds featherweight thumbhole stock. Curious if anyone has any advice or possibly some pics of the finished product?

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    put n the dog on

    Re: Factory DBM conversion from blind mag??

    All the cool builds and do it yourselfers on here and no one has done this themselves? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Factory DBM conversion from blind mag??

    Never did a factory frame inlet but I have spent a few thousand hours breathing sawdust in a home woodworking shop and just fit up a CDI frame to a Medalist tactical which it was not meant for so here is a rough outline. take it for what it is worth.

    1. make a template of the outside and inside edges of the frame
    2.tape that to your stock do the inside lines up to the blind magazine box exactly
    3. use a drill to remove the bulk of the wood where the actual box (inside edge of the frame) will be inserted. If you want to cheat a bit you could take a small (1/8 "th of less) drill bit and go from the inside out go slowly and and even use a couple of layers of masking tape to prevent splintering.
    4. take a good working chisel and connect the dots until the magazine itself fits.
    5. Now the fun part. Fit the frame by taping that template to the stock and trace the outside edge of the frame using a very sharp knife or a V carving chisel. One you have that you slowly take off a 32nd of a inch of wood all the way around until the magazine frame fits.

    Best advice I can give is go slowly, it is a lot easier to take the wood off than it is to put it back. If you are a novice at woodworking/carving don't expect perfection on your first try

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    I just finished doing one on a model 10. I am at the station and will try to get you some pics of it later this week.

    I purchased a stockys thumbhole varmint for my build. Since the donor rifle stock had a dbm I used a set of calipers to measure the depth of the inlets in relation to the bottom of the action. This way the magazine will be the correct distance from the bolt.

    I used a drill press, cross draw vice and a 3/4 forestner bit to inlet the stock. Since the holes are drilled in the stock already for mounting the action I just used them to layout the template of the dbm and began drilling it out.

    A good dial caliper makes getting the depth easy. Remember to level the stock in relation to the bit in 3d so your cuts are equal and accurate.

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    My response is somewhat related to your original question. My model 10 came with the plastic, non-accustock. What a horrible thing to mount on such a nice rifle. The stock had to go so I decided to convert my model 10 from an internal magaine to a detachable box magazine while mounting the new stock. I called Savage about the conversion and was told it was a fairly easy but somewhat expensive conversion. A woman in Customer Service knew even the smallest details about what was needed to convert. She was most polite, knowledgeable and helpful. Ended up purchasing all the parts from Savage because I envisioned a parts exchange nightmare even if using a reputable outside supplier.

    Had to purchase all new bottom metal, receiver screws, and stock(HS Precision). Once I had all parts on hand, putting it together was intuitive and easy. The gun is a real shooter with many <.50" groups.

    I am very happy with the conversion to the "new" Savage.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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    Yes, the conversion is quite easy, as long as you have the right parts, some mechanical background, and can actually gather and use patience. The biggest thing to keep in mind... GO SLOW!!!!

    Take your time fitting the parts. You can make repairs if you go too far with the inletting, but this can be avoided. I can't stress it enough... GO SLOW!!!!

    [B]Savage 10FCP 6mm Creedmoor - MOΛΩN ΛΑΒΕ - ][][][%[/B]

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