• Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Muffs

    One thing every shooter knows is that proper hearing protection is essential. In the past most shooting enthusiasts relied upon foam ear plugs or a bulky set of muffs, and while they served the purpose well, most all of them had an annoying problem associated with them. For the foam ear plugs it was that they are generally uncomfortable, and you have to remove them when the shooting ends to enjoy a conversation with your shooting partner. They also are essentially one-time use items, so you regularly have to resupply your range box. The muff's on the other hand are a one time purchase, but most are rather bulky and uncomfortable to wear. They also still need to be removed when the shooting ends if you intend to engage in conversation.

    Fortunately advanced technology has made it's way into the shooting world in the last few years. The most notable innovation (at least in regard to this article) comes in the form of electronically controlled hearing protection devices. Shooter can now choose from a wide selection of electronic muffs and ear plugs. The product being reviewed here, the Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Muff's, are just one of these great new technologically advanced products.

    The Tactical 6S is a small, compact, foldable hearing protector. When folded, the Tactical 6S is transformed into the shape of a ball, small enough for storage in a pocket or a bag during transportation. The Tactical 6S is tested and approved in accordance with the new European standard pr EN 352-4 and also relevant parts of EN 352-1:1993 by electronically suppresses sounds over 79 dB.

    The low total weight of only 8.8 oz. (250g) provides unique comfort characteristics, highly appreciated when used for long periods. Notwithstanding the compact design, the Tactical 6-S has a unique capacity. Four 1.5 V AAA batteries give Tactical 6-S an outstanding 200 hours of service. In addition, Tactical 6S is equipped with a unique spring steel headband that maintains attenuation better than ordinary plastic headbands.

    To hear weak sounds and at the same time be protected against loud noise is a formidable task. However, with the Peltor Tactical 6S this becomes possible. Tactical 6S effectively perceives and localizes weak sounds. A separate microphone, receiver, amplifier and volume control in each ear cup give the Tactical 6S true stereophonic reception. Impulse noise is immediately attenuated. Assisted by an electronic vent, the hearing protector will reduce hazardous impulse noises from firearms to harmless levels within five milliseconds. This eliminates the risk of hazardous noise reaching the ear with damaging effects. Tactical 6S is a hearing protector that listens when appropriate and also attenuates when needed.

    So far I have been extremely happy with the performance of the Tactical 6S electronic ear muffs. The sound is very clear, the electronics work as they should to reduce the sound levels to protect your ears, they fit comfortably, and the batteries seem to last a good long while (still on my first set). Their small low-profile size also keeps them from coming in contact with the butt stock when shooting from the bench in most instances, though I do have one rifle with a thick, higher comb that they do contact.

    For the $69.99 purchase price I consider the Peltor Tactical 6S muffs to be a bargain. You only have one set of ears and they can't be replaced, so it's a small price to pay to ensure the longevity of your hearing.

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